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Imperial 48-piece Stainless Steel Flatware Cutlery Set, Service for 12, Gift Box

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This exquisite cutlery set is created with the AISI 430 steel that is anti-corrosive and offers a high-gloss chrome finish. The finish remains shiny and brilliant even with daily use, which makes it a superior choice over polished silver flatware. The handles offer an artistic and ornamental style which boasts clean lines and natural themes.

The flatware set arrives in a gift birch wood box with faux velvet lining. The beautifully crafted box offers a little something extra for consumers who wish to give the set as a gift to a family member (mother/father, wife/husband, sister/brother, daughter/son) or friend for a birthday or holiday occasion (Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, Valentine's day, Easter, Wedding).

High-quality Stainless Steel;
Excellent anti-corrosion properties;
Exceptional resistance to mechanical damage;
Dishwasher safe;
Luxury class with luxurious ornament;
Gift birch wood box with faux velvet lining.

This set includes:
- Dining spoon - 12 pcs. Length of spoon - 7.87 inch.
- Dining fork - 12 pcs. Length of fork - 7.87 inch.
- Dining knife - 12 pcs. Length of knife - 9.33 inch.
- Teaspoon - 12 pcs. Length of teaspoon - 5.71 inch.
Box dimensions, inch - H 2.6 x W 16.2 x D 12.3 Box weight, lb. - 10.8

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