Elegant and sophisticated present
Modern style with gold plated elements
Rhapsody gold dinning spoon
Rhapsody gold dinning fork
Rhapsody gold dinning knife
Rhapsody gold dinner knife
Rhapsody gold teaspoon
Hestia Nova

Rhapsody 48-Piece Stainless Steel Flatware Set Gold Plated Elements, Service for 12, Gift Box

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Simplicity in design, absence straight lines and angles make this cutlery set laconic and so very elegant yet functional. The handle is in a Modern style and is suitable for any dining experience including dinner parties and holiday gatherings. All cutlery is dishwasher safe as it is rust resistant. The set is available in a beautiful birch wood box with faux velvet lining.

High-quality Stainless Steel;

Excellent anti-corrosion properties;

Exceptional resistance to mechanical damage;

Gold plated elements;

Dishwasher safe;

Modern style/design;

Gift birch wood box with faux velvet lining.


This set includes:

- Dining spoon - 12 pcs. Length of spoon - 7.87 inch.

- Dining fork - 12 pcs. Length of fork - 7.87 inch.

- Dining knife - 12 pcs. Length of knife – 8.46 inch.

- Teaspoon - 12 pcs. Length of teaspoon - 5.71 inch.

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